ProNano is a part of an ecosystem in Lund, Sweden, for the development of nanotechnology-related products. The facility will be adaptive and production oriented, hence providing the shortest way from concept to market. Many of the applications come from Swedish research on nanowires with new material compositions.

The ecosystem will consist of, but not limited to:

  • A NanoSafetyCenter
  • The ProNano Pilot Production Plant Facility
  • Finance solutions (Spirit Ventures et al.)
  • National and international networks in nanotechnology
  • RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden)
  • Local service companies (e.g. within automation)
  • Lund Nano Lab at Lund University
  • MyFab (Swedish national research infrastructure for nanotechnology)
  • MAX IV (Synchrotron particle accelerator)
  • ESS (European Spallation Source)

Which problems will this ecosystem solve?

The ecosystem is created to provide companies with an environment where they can rapidly expand in an industry that globally is growing approximately 17% annually.

Finding long term investors in products using “Key Enabling Technologies” such as nanotechnology is difficult, and even if you find them, an expansion into a new facility of your own will take 2-3 years. With that in mind, it is difficult for a company to stay and expand in Sweden. There are currently no, or very few, ready-for-occupancy cleanrooms designed for production of electronics in Sweden.